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Help local non-profits by volunteering your technology and business expertise at PayPal’s Opportunity Hack. Create impact and compete for prizes.

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If you’re passionate about leveraging your technology and business skills to help improve your local community, join PayPal’s Opportunity Hack. This energizing two-day hackathon is open to the public and its goal is to connect local non-profits with skilled computer engineers and business-savvy volunteers to help solve some of their most pressing tech problems. Volunteers compete for prizes and are awarded with seeing their solutions put into action by the non-profits.

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Opportunity Hack 2019 - Phoenix

Oct 19th & 20th 2019

Connect, build, and empower organizations to change lives across the world. Join us in Phoenix, Arizona to hack through the weekend & solve real world problems for NPOs!



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Opportunity Hack 2019 - San Jose

Nov 2nd & 3rd 2019

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Opportunity Hack 2019 - Chennai

Coming soon

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Opportunity Hack 2019 - Singapore

Nov 14th & 15th 2019

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Partnership Opportunities

PayPal’s Opportunity Hack is an inspiring event that puts engineering and business skills to use for local non-profit organizations during a two-day hackathon. We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with other companies in host cities to broaden the impact of this event for local non-profits and our hackers.


Non Profit Opportunities

PayPal’s Opportunity Hack allows local non-profits to leverage the talent and expertise of computer engineers and business-savvy volunteers from some of the most well known universities & tech companies. If your organization operates in one of this year’s host cities and has a technology project that could greatly benefit from outside expertise, contact us today.

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